Yesterday the Beyond the veil Podcast had SWL Community Manager Andy on and they talked about upcoming changes, most importantly the Agent System.

You really should watch the video on twitch or tune into the edited podcast once it is out. It was a really fun show! It had a lot smalltalk and interesting small tidbits that I'm not going to put into the summary. And the small radio play that was just epic.

There were a lot giveaways for the live audience too.

Andy posted a video with a short introduction of the Agent system on the SWL twitter:

Agent Network - Overview
  • New interface players get access to at level 15
  • The idea is, that players have earned enough trust of your faction to become an agent handler yourself
  • The system allows players to recruit agents and send them on missions, just like they are send on missions by your handlers
  • It is a self contained system, that lets players level up their agents and get powerful passive rewards
  • Players will be able to learn more about lore and the characters in the game
  • It is a new feature they did not had planned in TSW classic
  • The goal is still to release it this month (February)
  • No content will be gated by the agent system (no "you need X agents of lvl Y to do Z content")

Agent Network - Mechanics
  • Player will be able to gain agent dossiers (the items that will grant you the agent)
  • The first one you will get through the Agent System Tutorial (everyone starts with the same agent)
  • Other agents can be gained through, elite dungeons, scenarios, lairs, achievements and completing agent missions
  • Players have the option (he really emphasized that) to purchase dossier packs with Aurum but it is not necessary
  • Some agent dossiers will not be character bound and can be traded and sold through the auction house (not all)

  • Who is in as agents and how many are there is meant to be discovered by the players over time
  • New Agents will be added with the new story content
  • Right now there are more than 30 agents

  • The closed vendor in Agatha will open up and sell Agent gear bag (various levels) and dossier packs
  • There will be a new currency called "Cryptobucks"
  • If you buy agents for Aurum and don't like them, you can convert them into Cryptobucks
  • Items at that vendor will cost Cryptobucks

  • Agent dossiers are physical inventory items before they are used
  • On use they are consumed and the agent is added to the Agent Network UI
  • It is always possible to review their abilities and read the lore in there

  • There is no limit on how many agents a Player can have, but each agent can only be owned once
  • Not all agents will be available from the same sources. (For example some might be bound to specific zones)
  • It is meant to encourage running missions from all zones again, not just endgame

Agent Network - Passive Abilities
  • Each Agent has two support abilities, one it gains on level 25, the other on 50
  • They all are powerful passive buffs, like +1000AP, +980 Health, 7% Assault rife buff, 3.5% pistol buff (Numbers might not be accurate, but you get the idea)
  • Players can equip up to 3 different agents, so 6 support abilities max
  • Some agents will have general buffs (like +HP), some will have more specific buff like increasing one weapon types damage

Agent Network - Missions
  • The rewards of the agent missions depends on the level of the mission
  • The higher level the agent is, the higher the chances of success but also for getting higher level missions
  • The time the missions take will vary, low level missions will be rather quickly, difficult missions take longer
  • Players have the option to instantly complete a mission with Aurum

  • They are sorry they could not put on the valentines day events because of issues with it
  • The Valentines sale is still ongoing
  • The in the last fun dev stream where player fought giant Andy, he mostly blew his health away with exploding AR grenades and it inspired designer to think about creative weapons mechanic usage during encounters. Nothing actually planned yet, but the ideas are out there.
  • Andy's favorite weapon is Fist with Chaos offhand
  • The events (especially the no limits weekend) were very well received
  • They will fix bugs in them and run them again at times
  • Bonus events probably won't be run when new content drops to not take the attention away from the new content

  • Fumcom is launching new forums for all their games based on discourse (forum software)
  • They are located at
  • Age of Conan is already up
  • SWl will get a forum about at the same time as when the Agent System will launch (end of the month)
  • All game forums will use the same account, so you can grab your nick already

Community Contests

Again, you really should check out their podcasts!