The stream today was hosted by the holy trinity of Synosaurus, Andy and Tilty once more.

You can re-watch the stream on Twitch

  • They had a lot fun at Gamescom & the meetup
  • FC points to Aurum conversion ends soon (On the 4th) Details
  • The legacy transfer ends then as well
  • IF you used the legacy transfer up to then, you will get a second transfer window later the month Details
  • The second transfer round will only be for cosmetics
  • They integrated SWL with Twitch and you can buy Aurum from every SWL streamer
  • The Streamer gets a small cut from that purchase, there is no cost advantage buying through Twitch but you are supporting the streamer
  • More Twitch things might come depending on how this goes
  • Only a very small percentage of players reached 50 yet
  • They showed off community things, contest entries and Gamescom photos

Upcoming Patch next Week
  • Date will be announced next Week but they are aiming for Wednesday
  • It will be an Endgame focused Update
  • Manhattan Exclusion Zone (The NY Lurker Raid) will in it
  • Lair Megabosses will be in
  • There also will be another new Cache and the infernal Cache will no longer be dropping (but still can be opened)

NY Lurker Raid
  • If you never played TSW, you still know the Lurker from the tutorial, now you will be able to kick his butt
  • There will be a Story mode version of the raid to get an idea of what is going on
  • Elite difficulties will be in as well
  • Elite Version will start directly at the boss, no trash mobs before it
  • The Raid is tested on the Test servers right now
  • Rewards will be special (new, not from TSW) outfits, pets, new extraordinary items, distillates for gear XP
  • They teased about the blade weapon

Lair Megabosses
  • Lairs are the way to get Signets into the Economy
  • You do (daily) quests to summon bosses
  • These can drop the regional boss keys and the regional can drop megaboss keys
  • The summoner with the key makes a group and that group can summon the boss in Agartha
  • Everyone in the cabal of the summoner will get an invitation to the fight
  • After that the people on the platform in Agartha after that as well
  • The fight is balanced for 40 people and the portal will close when the instance is full
  • You will be able to see the open portal in Agartha when a summoning is happening
  • Signets will be the main reward
  • The group of the summoner will get an automatic rewards
  • Everyone gets a chest (lair key needed) to open up (that means the summoner group can get 2 rewards)

New Cache
  • Outfit rewards will be split into small pieces
  • There is a chance to get a piece of it with every opening of a Cache
  • The new extraordinary items will come with a new proc
  • The outfit will no longer have a rising chance of being dropped, the weapons will get that instead now
  • It is not planed to bring back older Caches (but they might at some point decide to revisit that decision)
  • You will be able to get an alternate (recolored) version of the outfit for 3rd Age fragments
  • FutureTech & Cyberpunk is the theme of the Cache and inspired the rewards


  • They are working on a new version of the build manager and it is coming along well, will need more work & testing through
  • Continuation of the Tokyo Story will come soon, including a few missing missions, like one of Kurt's
  • Emote Window (same patch as Tokyo 2 aka Tokyo beyond the wall)
  • They still want to PvP updates but for now, it is not a priority
  • The also are working on the final part of Tokyo
  • The ultimates might change a bit too, more details later
  • Season 2 is worked on now too, they are very excited about it

Emote Window
  • You can see all the emotes in a Window
  • you can see where you can get an emote from
  • You can launch the emote from there
  • It still displays the chat command for the emote
  • Item based emotes (like the Nassier dance, the Sherlock pipe, drinks...) will go there too
  • They want to add more emotes, either to buy or through achievements
  • They have more plans with that for the future like idle states, but those will come later (no details now)

If I have missed anything in this info packed stream, please let me know.