Looking to get more out of SWL? Here's a collection of our favorite links, both for roleplaying and for making the game itself a bit easier and more pleasant to use.  If you have a link to add, or want to report a broken link, contact us!

Note:  Many of these links are still related to TSW.  As SWL becomes more independent and new links are discovered (or old link die) they will be updated here.

Official SWL Pages and Portals

IC - Roleplay Resources, and Cosmetics

OOC - Everything Else!

  • TSWDB - A huge resource of OOC information on quests, weapons, events, guides, etc.

  • CryGaia - Another website dedicated to lore, quests, and other OOC information.

  • Beyond The Veil - A weekly OOC podcast of various topics, all Secret World related.

  • The Secret Podcast - Podcasts and articles, based in the UK, devoted to SW.

  • The Badgers - Achievement, Lore, and Rare Mob hunting group bridging TSW and SWL.

  • Noobmares - Beginner-friendly dungeons and raid group (Euro-heavy).r

Mods and Add-Ons