Early Access is right around the corner -- followed by official launch on June 26th!

Be sure to add the #SWLRP channel to your chat scripts so you can connect to others in-game.  There are instructions on our forums.

You can also stop by our Discord chatroom, and follow our Twitter at @SWLRoleplay to meet and chat with other roleplayers.  If you tweet at us with the hashtag #swlrp, we'll automatically retweet you (or the event you're advertising)!

Keep in mind that in the early days, the community will grow slowly and in different directions, so if you're a roleplayer looking for networking, it pays to look around and be patient!  Reach out, talk to people, and be friendly -- chances are they'll be friendly right back!

Launch in T-Minus 20

spellsmith posted Jun 7, 17

Secret World: Legends is launching at the end of this month, in less than twenty days.  Our community is already growing and collaborating, sharing news and information, posting summaries, and getting to know each other!

What's new in May and June so far?

  • The Discord is live.  We're sharing space with an unofficial SWL Discord with chatrooms for general talk, theorycrafting, and yes, roleplay.  Join the conversation!
  • The SWLRP Wiki is growing!  It now supports the three major factions, plus 'Neutral', Orochi, and Council of Venice.  Our goal has been to make it as visually appealing and as user-friendly as possible!
  • Rovena, a member who joined us at the very start, has been incredibly helpful and enthusiastic in compiling news articles, dev stream reviews, Q&A summaries, and other material for the community.  She's accepted an offer to become our very first Moderator to help out with site maintenance, so say hi to her!
  • There will be events coming up on the calendar soon to hit SWL with a bang, so stay tuned!

One Month In!

spellsmith posted Apr 24, 17

This website has been around for almost a month!   Still such a baby website - they're cute when they're young!

So what have we been up to for our first 30 days?

  • The forums are fully operational.
  • You can get spiffy faction tags to show off your faction pride.
  • A fully-functional RP Wiki that supports cabals & characters of the three main factions, plus 'Neutral'.
  • 'Useful Links' page that links to SWL resources around the web - if I've forgotten any, let me know!
  • We have as our main domain name!

Things we're planning for the next 30 days:

  • Getting the RP Wiki moved over to the domain name.
  • Adding additional faction options to the Wiki
  • When Open Beta hits:  opening the chat functions, probably in Discord

There's no date for Open Beta yet, but in the meantime you can see scheduled Devstreams on our calendar, or see the posted notes for older ones on the forums.   Stop by and introduce yourself!

Well, it's official.  The Secret World is relaunching as Secret World: Legends.  Sign up for the closed beta for a potential peek at what all the fuss is about!

This site is a placeholder at the moment.  The news is so, well, new that excitement and worry is high, and people don't really now what to do!  The Secret World Roleplay website is still up and going strong, don't worry!  But since TSW and TSW: Legends are going to be two separate games with potentially two different playerbases (and characters, and combat, and events - we'll see!), I wanted to make sure there's a place for TSW:L roleplayers who know they're going to transfer -- and for new people who are only on TSW:Legends and never were part of TSW core.

I can't speak for my RP partners, or my guild, or anyone else, but I'm freakin' excited.

Stay tuned for more, and for some actual structure and content to this website over the next week!

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