A quite belated Happy New Year everybody!

2018 is already up for a great start for Roleplayers in SWL. Two amazing players are currently running open community plots. In addition Bachelor has created a new mod that makes finding and meeting up on RPers ingame more easy.

Endemic Echo

This plot has begun on January 6th and is run by Hallowtek. It is a homage to Jurassic Park and heavily based on puzzles. There are regular ingame events that advance the story and detailed summary posts on the forum for those that miss them.

If you are interested, you should check out the thread on the forums! On Twitter you can get updates from

The William Tailour Project

The William Tailour Project is a cross faction investigation plot run by Dewey. It features great updates via cosplayed youtube videos and extensive forum post summaries of what has happened every day.

You should check out the forum thread !  On twitter you can follow the plot via the hashtag #WTProjectSWL and

Roleplayers List Mod

Bachelor created a Mod for SWL that lists all RPers and the instances they are located in. You can use it to meet up on others to join RP. For the details check out his forum thread  and the mod on curse

Samhain / Halloween

Secret World Legends is rapidly approaching its first major holiday -- and the one holiday that's dear to the heart of the game as a whole.  Halloween (or Samhain, if you prefer) is around the corner!  We don't know what that will entail, but there's a good chance that the Cat God and Meowling quests will be back for all to enjoy.

In addition, you can expect great seasonal roleplay events from the SWL roleplay community.  On October 28th, the Annual Haunted Ealdwic Ghost Tour will kick off to give you a tour of the darkest, creepiest places in Ealdwic and stories to make your skin crawl.  On October 29th, celebrate a Darkside Halloween with fortune tellers, costumes, and general eerie cheer!

Hope to see you there, sweetlings.

The TSWRP Mod & and SWLRP Add-On

Acenth has informed us that the old TSWRP mod will be turned off sometime in early October (no exact date given).  After this happens, if you want to continue using in-game roleplay profiles, you will need to swap over to the SWLRP Roleplay Profile Add-On.

A big thanks to everyone who has been patiently waiting!   The SWLRP Roleplay Profile Add-On (or, just the 'SWLRP Add-On' for short) is now live!

You can find download links, information, and credits on the forum thread!  

This is an open-source, team-based community project, so if you have any feedback or ideas on how to make it better, please let us know!

Much thanks for Tungsten and Samera for weeks of hard work to make this possible, and a special thank you to Acenth (the TSWRP mod creator) for encouraging us and inspiring us with his work.


Mayahuel Woot!! Thanks so much to everyone who made this happen. Big mushy appreciative hugs all around! THANK YOU! <3

We've been busy, and we have some updates to share!


Everyone's wondering about this one, I'm sure.  We're still working on it!  We have a basic working in-game mod, but we're still adjusting the looks of it and making sure the back-end for editing and making profiles is both secure and bug-free.  (Well, reasonably bug-free for an initial release.)   So:  we are official in alpha testing and trying our best to break things!

Wiki 'Featured Characters'

The SWLRP Wiki now has a Featured Character function which will present a random character to highlight and show off, different every day!

Now, of course, I need some characters to volunteer to for their 24 hours of fame.  If you want your character to be featured, check the link above for instructions on how to do it!

Moderators Wanted!

We're looking for some additional moderators for the SWLRP website & community, including in-game chat and Discord.  If you're interested, check out the Seeking Moderators thread to see what's expected, and what you can expect!

Some people have already noticed that the TSWRP mod website has announced it is shutting down.  Given the recent unofficial fix (and then retraction of that fix), this bears some clarification!

Most importantly is this:   there is absolutely no ill-will or conflict spurring this change!

In my conversation with Acenth about the unofficial fix, I mentioned that our ultimate goal was to recode the mod without using his code, so that we could respect his copyright and intellectual property.  I asked whether he would be okay with this and whether he'd like to contribute to it.  He responded that he fully supported a new mod, for reasons he lays out on his website, but would prefer it be a ground-up effort without he himself involved.  He provided some technical information to help us on our way, and suggested announcing now rather than when the SWLRP mod is actually functional, so that people have as much warning as possible to copy or migrate their profiles.

Sometime soon we will post more information about the SWLRP mod, its progress, and its goals.  In the meantime, please rest assured that your profiles are still there and TSWRP is not going to vanish overnight.

Please check our forums for more details as they're available!

Mayahuel I am so excited about this!! Thanks so much to you and others who are working on it. I loved Acenth's mod and I...
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