We had some pretty big in-game developments sneak up on us in the month-plus immediately following the last blog post! So I think a brief overview of that is in order, including what it means for RP!

Dark Agartha is content not quite like any other in the game. A time-limited, exclusively solo gameplay experience, Dark Agartha faces you with five procedurally-generated bosses; and with no teammates at your side, it's entirely on you to figure out how to overcome it. All runs cost either a rare item or 15 AP and 7 SP, so it can be expensive, and the gameplay isn't for everyone (personally, I love it), but I'd recommend giving it a run just to see if you do, and to take in a really nice-looking map.

Dark Agartha is explicitly a vision of a potential future, and one of the only times we've seen that Agartha is capable of linking through time that wasn't just gameplay concessions. That, and it being solo, means that we can't really directly RP in the space, but it brings a lot of interesting concepts. What the game's 'bad end' looks like, hints of how exactly Agartha and the Gatekeeper function, a show of what the Dreamers are truly capable of, it's all a fascinating toolset to bring into RP and into future stories. Plus, Dark Agartha was the capstone of a story that first started unfolding in the Agent Network, showing just another avenue to look into for future story hints.

On a lighter note, the winter event Krampusnacht is back! This time packing bosses that require problem-solving to even summon, and an interlinked investigation mission about the Phoenicians, the new gameplay and avenues for rewards (don't miss those free blue signets) more than makes up for a lack of new cosmetics. The old cosmetics are back, though, so if you want the Wassailer set, a mountie outfit, or an Orochi-branded woolen sweater it's there for the taking.

But we have a few events coming up, too! This time I want to give a brief mention to some regular RP events, as well as upcoming one-offs: LORE is a monthly trivia night focused on SWL lore, held by Knightsbridge Consulting; this month it's on the 29th at 7 GMT, and is focused on winter event lore, with plenty of prizes. Additionally, the World Battle Federation holds an arena event every month filled with colorful characters (played by colorful characters, we've got a bit of RP-inception going on), and is open to sign-ups for both PvP and purely emote fights. Let them know on Twitter if you want to take part, or just turn up to watch and join in the ending free-for-all.

In terms of one-off events, on January 26th we have Mayahuel & Mihai's Winter Wedding! Dress up for the occasion and join the couple in the Carpathian Fangs at 8PM GMT for the wedding ceremony, followed by a formal reception in Agartha. All guests are welcome! Check out the event on the calendar (which I unfortunately can't link to), or contact @MayahuelB on Twitter for any questions.

Finally, while I hate promoting my own work at the same time as others, I do want to mention my own fledgeling plot that's going to start hitting publicly-visible stages early in the new year. Apian Aegina is a long-term, open plot focused on a mysterious cross-branch Orochi Group project--one apparently valuable enough to risk poaching Illuminati talent. The plot will develop more and become more public starting in January, but if you're interested in being involved, feel free to check out both the single-author thread, and the external involvement thread, or just contact me either by Enjin, Discord, or Twitter.

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