Later this month, Secret World Legends gets new content! The new Occult Defense Scenario is an endless wave defense, set in Stonehenge. Using the dynamic difficulty scaling introduced for the recently returning faction missions, and introducing some more complicated enemies to handle than the Seek and Preserve scenario, it aims to test as much of your mettle as you've got.

But that might not be what interests RPers about this new content, because also making their appearance is a new, NPC secret society: The Druids of Avalon. We'll learn more about them when the update hits and from their lore pickups, but judging by all the people who play Orochi and Phoenician characters, I think we'll be getting a few people picking up this baton and running with it. There might come time to introduce a Druids tag for the forums, if people want it.

But we also have some events to look forward to, especially as Halloween approaches! First of all, in keeping with the news of the Druids, Big-Timber is running another Pagan Picnic this Sunday. Just as with last time, it's a picnic with a focus on nature and spiritualism; this time it's in Ealdwic, allowing for a lot more people to make it. If you have any more questions, please let Big-Timber know through Twitter.

And straying just a little from RP, but not too far, the Saints and Sinners Creative Competition is running all October, with the theme of 'Broken Stories'! Previously entirely an art contest, it's been expanded to cover all forms of creativity; writing, screenshots (as long as there's been editing involved), music, poetry. Even stick figures are apparently permitted, which is good news for me! Anything at all, as long as it's creative and adheres to the theme, is an acceptable entry. I've been told that the prizes include a legendary launch shirt, as well as some other prizes still being put together. Unfortunately, Asmod, who runs this contest, has been busy of late and hasn't been able to put all the visuals together for the contest yet, but if you have any other questions, contact them on Twitter.

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