Post-Anniversary RP events!

By Cleretic - Posted Jul 14, 18

Well the Anniversary event and the Megaversary community celebrations are coming to a close, and I hope everybody had a lot of fun celebrating and killing golems! It's been a great time, but as things return to normal and we aren't all whisking ourselves off to boss fights every hour, we've got a few new community RP events and projects to look forward to!

Project Freelancer is a new initiative by Knightsbridge Consulting, to open up the cabal's stories and community to characters and players from outside the group! Whether you're unable to committ to being in a cabal, new or independent and curious about getting involved, or just interested in some crossover RP, this is an opportunity to get involved with the group in a way beyond simply socially. For more information, see the post on Knightsbridge's forums.

On top of resuming her Curatorum lecture sessions on a more ad-hoc basis, Cordite is also starting up Infernus Delenda Est, a freeform RP campaign. The Council of Venice is mobilizing against an infernal invasion of Tunisia--an offensive in which society and freelance aid alike is welcome. The campaign will be focused on in-game field camp ambience and operations, and is specifically planned to be timezone independent. More information will be coming soon, but if you're already interested and/or have further questions, contact Cordite on her Twitter.

But for those of us who want something a little calmer and simpler to get involved with, we've got a one-off social event coming. Big-Timber's Pagan Picnic is exactly what it sounds like: a picnic, with discussions on subjects like nature spirits and the living earth. I'll be creating the event on the calendar very soon, but the picnic is currently scheduled for 7PM GMT on July 29th, in-game in the Shadowy Forest. Being it's in a field zone, the event will be small by nature (I didn't intend that pun, but I'll own it), but that doesn't make it any less friendly to people interested in taking part! If you have any questions, please contact Big-Timber on his Twitter.

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