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By Rovena - Posted Jul 5, 18

Spellsmith is leaving SWLRP

As you might have read on Spellsmith's wall post a month ago she is leaving SWL and with it SWLRP.

I can not thank her enough for building this community more than a year ago and everything else she did for everyone roleplaying in SWL! The site, the discord, her work on the add-on, countless hours of defusing drama and so much more.

You can read her goodbye post on her wall. It tells you about how her transition out of her other projects will work and I hope you go there and thank her.

Rovena is taking over

While some say we founded SWLRP together, it was always Spellsmiths's baby, that I happened to help with raising. My own life is more than just a bit busy these days. This made it a tough decision for me. For about a month I thought about if we should close it all down or if I wanted to take it over.

I was leaning towards closing it down, because running this site (and especially keeping an eye on the busy discord) is quite a time sink and time is something I'm not really having much of anymore. Not to speak about the fact that the prime time is mostly when I sleep, so I'm always late to the drama. It just is too much for one person to handle, regardless of how much you love the project.

Sure, just keeping the site functional and the discord running would have been an option too. But that is not what I expect of a team behind a community site. There has to be timely moderation, someone has to monitor -all- content and ideally stay ahead of what is going on in the wider SWL community as a whole. When we launched the project, one of our goals was to have an active moderator team and in the last months, it already started to slack in that regards.

But with, *spoilers* more below, a new moderator on-board I (Rovena) decided to try to fill Spellsmith's big shoes and take over SWLRP. Ownership of the site & discord server have already been passed over to me and I always had access to the twitter account. The wiki will be moved to one of my servers in the next weeks and the domain we will take care of when renewal is due.

Spellsmith and I are quite good friends outside of SWL despite living on different continents and this will stay that way :) She agreed to help if I run into questions about her setups, so we should be all good in that regards.

New Moderator: Cleretic

Kinda in the last minute (wasn't actually, was a few days before the deadline but that does not sound as dramatic) Cleretic , who has been around in the SWL RP community since 2012, applied to join the Moderator team.

A long conversation later, I'm happy to announce her as a new Moderator of SWLRP. Please give her a warm welcome and feel free to contact her if you have any issues, questions, concerns or comments like you would with me.

Change to expect

So, what is changing, you ask?

First of all, I'm already making some changes to the website, mostly throwing out unused stuff and making it somewhat GDPR compliant. (Yes, now with me being the owner, it has to be.)

You might have already noticed the more prominent discord link (yes, I'll make it pretty and not a default thing in the next weeks) and the removal of group pay.

I want to thank everyone who spend their hard-earned money and helped to pay the enjin bills, it meant a lot to us and really helped with our motivation at times. But, sadly arrangements like that make my tax declaration a lot harder (Yes, I would have to pay tax for it now as owner ...) and added about a second to the load time of the site. So it had to go :(

Cleretic has her own plans for new projects while I will change a number more things but for bigger ones, there will be discussion threads before I implement them.

Thank you all for being part of this community and I'm looking forward to many more years with you all!


(And now seriously, go send Spell a thank you)

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