A quite belated Happy New Year everybody!

2018 is already up for a great start for Roleplayers in SWL. Two amazing players are currently running open community plots. In addition Bachelor has created a new mod that makes finding and meeting up on RPers ingame more easy.

Endemic Echo

This plot has begun on January 6th and is run by Hallowtek. It is a homage to Jurassic Park and heavily based on puzzles. There are regular ingame events that advance the story and detailed summary posts on the forum for those that miss them.

If you are interested, you should check out the thread on the forums! On Twitter you can get updates from

The William Tailour Project

The William Tailour Project is a cross faction investigation plot run by Dewey. It features great updates via cosplayed youtube videos and extensive forum post summaries of what has happened every day.

You should check out the forum thread !  On twitter you can follow the plot via the hashtag #WTProjectSWL and

Roleplayers List Mod

Bachelor created a Mod for SWL that lists all RPers and the instances they are located in. You can use it to meet up on others to join RP. For the details check out his forum thread  and the mod on curse

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