SWL's First Halloween!

By spellsmith - Posted Sep 23, 17

Samhain / Halloween

Secret World Legends is rapidly approaching its first major holiday -- and the one holiday that's dear to the heart of the game as a whole.  Halloween (or Samhain, if you prefer) is around the corner!  We don't know what that will entail, but there's a good chance that the Cat God and Meowling quests will be back for all to enjoy.

In addition, you can expect great seasonal roleplay events from the SWL roleplay community.  On October 28th, the Annual Haunted Ealdwic Ghost Tour will kick off to give you a tour of the darkest, creepiest places in Ealdwic and stories to make your skin crawl.  On October 29th, celebrate a Darkside Halloween with fortune tellers, costumes, and general eerie cheer!

Hope to see you there, sweetlings.

The TSWRP Mod & and SWLRP Add-On

Acenth has informed us that the old TSWRP mod will be turned off sometime in early October (no exact date given).  After this happens, if you want to continue using in-game roleplay profiles, you will need to swap over to the SWLRP Roleplay Profile Add-On.

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