We've been busy, and we have some updates to share!


Everyone's wondering about this one, I'm sure.  We're still working on it!  We have a basic working in-game mod, but we're still adjusting the looks of it and making sure the back-end for editing and making profiles is both secure and bug-free.  (Well, reasonably bug-free for an initial release.)   So:  we are official in alpha testing and trying our best to break things!

Wiki 'Featured Characters'

The SWLRP Wiki now has a Featured Character function which will present a random character to highlight and show off, different every day!

Now, of course, I need some characters to volunteer to for their 24 hours of fame.  If you want your character to be featured, check the link above for instructions on how to do it!

Moderators Wanted!

We're looking for some additional moderators for the SWLRP website & community, including in-game chat and Discord.  If you're interested, check out the Seeking Moderators thread to see what's expected, and what you can expect!