Some people have already noticed that the TSWRP mod website has announced it is shutting down.  Given the recent unofficial fix (and then retraction of that fix), this bears some clarification!

Most importantly is this:   there is absolutely no ill-will or conflict spurring this change!

In my conversation with Acenth about the unofficial fix, I mentioned that our ultimate goal was to recode the mod without using his code, so that we could respect his copyright and intellectual property.  I asked whether he would be okay with this and whether he'd like to contribute to it.  He responded that he fully supported a new mod, for reasons he lays out on his website, but would prefer it be a ground-up effort without he himself involved.  He provided some technical information to help us on our way, and suggested announcing now rather than when the SWLRP mod is actually functional, so that people have as much warning as possible to copy or migrate their profiles.

Sometime soon we will post more information about the SWLRP mod, its progress, and its goals.  In the meantime, please rest assured that your profiles are still there and TSWRP is not going to vanish overnight.

Please check our forums for more details as they're available!

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