Launch in T-Minus 20

By spellsmith - Posted Jun 7, 17

Secret World: Legends is launching at the end of this month, in less than twenty days.  Our community is already growing and collaborating, sharing news and information, posting summaries, and getting to know each other!

What's new in May and June so far?

  • The Discord is live.  We're sharing space with an unofficial SWL Discord with chatrooms for general talk, theorycrafting, and yes, roleplay.  Join the conversation!
  • The SWLRP Wiki is growing!  It now supports the three major factions, plus 'Neutral', Orochi, and Council of Venice.  Our goal has been to make it as visually appealing and as user-friendly as possible!
  • Rovena, a member who joined us at the very start, has been incredibly helpful and enthusiastic in compiling news articles, dev stream reviews, Q&A summaries, and other material for the community.  She's accepted an offer to become our very first Moderator to help out with site maintenance, so say hi to her!
  • There will be events coming up on the calendar soon to hit SWL with a bang, so stay tuned!

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