One Month In!

By spellsmith - Posted Apr 24, 17

This website has been around for almost a month!   Still such a baby website - they're cute when they're young!

So what have we been up to for our first 30 days?

  • The forums are fully operational.
  • You can get spiffy faction tags to show off your faction pride.
  • A fully-functional RP Wiki that supports cabals & characters of the three main factions, plus 'Neutral'.
  • 'Useful Links' page that links to SWL resources around the web - if I've forgotten any, let me know!
  • We have as our main domain name!

Things we're planning for the next 30 days:

  • Getting the RP Wiki moved over to the domain name.
  • Adding additional faction options to the Wiki
  • When Open Beta hits:  opening the chat functions, probably in Discord

There's no date for Open Beta yet, but in the meantime you can see scheduled Devstreams on our calendar, or see the posted notes for older ones on the forums.   Stop by and introduce yourself!

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