Welcome to TSW: Legends RP!

By spellsmith - Posted Mar 29, 17

Well, it's official.  The Secret World is relaunching as Secret World: Legends.  Sign up for the closed beta for a potential peek at what all the fuss is about!

This site is a placeholder at the moment.  The news is so, well, new that excitement and worry is high, and people don't really now what to do!  The Secret World Roleplay website is still up and going strong, don't worry!  But since TSW and TSW: Legends are going to be two separate games with potentially two different playerbases (and characters, and combat, and events - we'll see!), I wanted to make sure there's a place for TSW:L roleplayers who know they're going to transfer -- and for new people who are only on TSW:Legends and never were part of TSW core.

I can't speak for my RP partners, or my guild, or anyone else, but I'm freakin' excited.

Stay tuned for more, and for some actual structure and content to this website over the next week!

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