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Hello everyone,

I know quite a number of people use google docs or etherpad for their RP. I don't really want to get into the pros and cons of RPing that way, but I noticed that mozilla, a popular etherpad hoster in this community, is bring it to the hosting end of life.

My first though was hosting is on SWLRP. In the last days I have evaluated a few colaborative writing projects but realized I don't really know what features matter to the community as I'm not really using them.

So, here are the questions I'm asking those of you who use pads or gdocs for RP:

1) Would you use pads hosted by

2) What features are must haves?

3) What features are nice to have?

4) Would you be willing to use some sort of login? (for example email & pwd or twitter or whatever)

Thanks in advance for your help!

IC Twitter: @A_Rovena
Posted Feb 23, 19 · OP
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I use Google docs for a number of things RP. I enjoy its features to help give more to the story or event than just text. It's also private. No one is allowed to view or edit without you sending them a sharable link.
If I were to use anything else it would need the following:

    1) Ability to had images and gifs

    2) Ability to add links for music or other related information into selected text

    3) Private viewing and editing only to those give permission to by creator
Posted Feb 24, 19
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