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In one sentence: Diminutive, dodgy and dancing to the beat of a different drum, Darkside denizen Adelyn Greenstone crafts and sells enchanted jewelry ... but where did she even come from?

Hair / Eyes
Brown / Green
Height / Weight
5'4" (163cm)
140lbs (63kg)
Not on record
(looks ~20)
Not on record
Not on record
Ealdwic, London, UK
Not on record
Not on record
Not on record



Adelyn is a fair-skinned woman of small stature, elfin features and pleasant (if peculiar) demeanor, ostensibly around twenty in human years. Her frame is fit and curvy, though physical strength is clearly not her forte. She has a heart-shaped face, large green eyes and copper brown locks worn in a loose pixie style, leaving her large pointed ears on full display. This particular feature raises questions about her species, though when directly asked, she gives unhelpfully cheeky replies like "obviously I'm a person."

Being an independent merchant in the diverse community of Darkside, she dresses to catch the eye. Her usual ensemble consists of a strapless corset and yoga-style pants with floral designs, sandals, buckled straps worn as armlets, and multiple pieces of the handmade jewelry she peddles. She seems comfortable in this outfit regardless of the season.

Friends tend to describe her bearing with phrases like "relaxed energy". This may seem an oxymoron, but once you've met her, it's easy to understand the choice of words—she's very much full of life, but it manifests in a daydreamy and decidedly unhurried manner. It's common to see her slowly rocking back and forth on her heels, taking in the details of her surroundings with half-lidded but keenly attentive eyes. Her speech is likewise a little on the laggard side, high-pitched and lilting, heavy on the sibilance.

She smells faintly of tea, typically a potpourri of Assam, Ceylon and assorted herbs.


Being completely electronics-free, Adelyn can be extremely difficult to reach outside of the nebulous hours she runs her Darkside market stall, though she is seen around Ealdwic often enough. Characters capable of detecting magical energies would likely (and rightly) identify her as a skilled spellcaster, though tracking her via these energies is equally difficult, as she seems capable of going "off the grid" entirely. Those with exceptionally keen magical senses might notice her elemental affinity for earth and fire.

Though she is friendly, non-threatening and generally approachable, some may find her to be a suspicious character. She sometimes misses common social cues, asks unusual questions or gives answers that border on non-sequitur. She's also very protective of her past and personal life, changing the subject when pressed. The fact that she sometimes carries around her pet—a large Burmese python named Rajkumari—may also be off-putting to some.



Digging into Adelyn's past yields almost no useful intel. She's been an on-and-off presence in Ealdwic for the past few years, but no earlier information exists, nor is it known if she works under the auspices of a particular faction. She does have a handful of close acquaintances, mostly fellow residents of Darkside. If they know anything about her history, however, they're every bit as tight-lipped about it as she is.

Her jewelcrafting skills are competent but unremarkable, consisting mostly of simple cuts and tumbled stones, though she assembles her adorments with care and a good eye for attractive design. Though the enchantments are minor, they generally work as advertised. Curiously, while most of her pieces are quite affordable by the standards of the average Secret World agent, a few of them are fashioned from exotic stones of unknown origin and carry an outrageous price tag. Curious shoppers are left to wonder about their import, as when questioned, she replies that anyone who recognizes the materials will understand the cost.


Other known details:

She is a fan of snakes in general, cooing at them and cuddling them like adorable kittens. Not even the venomous and lethal species seem to give her pause. Likewise, most serpents seem fond of her and tend to chill out in her presence.

Her lack of ophidiophobia is balanced out by visible discomfort and nervousness around large birds or beings with birdlike wings, including Gaia's chosen who openly demonstrate their Ophanim power.

Her decision to avoid modern electronic devices seems to border on phobia as well. When asked to hold a friend's phone, she dangles the device between two fingers and leans away with an expression of distaste, as if it's a source of poison or disease.

Her favorite drink is tea—Irish breakfast during the day, herbal relaxation blends at night, both of which she consumes in copious amounts. For meals she seems to favor vegetarian Indian cuisine.

While not fluent in Punjabi, she is able to recognize many words from the language.







You may have reason to approach Adelyn if:

You're looking to buy some enchanted jewelry
You're looking to buy some jewelry just for fashion
You think snakes are awesome
You've seen her around Darkside and are curious
Nobody else is around and you feel like talking to a strange person


Thanks for checking out my profile! I'm a pretty chill player who's adaptable to different RP styles and interpretations of the lore—in most cases, the worst my character can do is quietly disbelieve—but please note I'm highly allergic to aggressive negativity.

Dealing with bad behavior is another matter (harrassment, griefing, etc.) and I'll gladly lend an ear and offer my support in those cases, but please understand that I'm not interested in interacting with anyone who calls out, shames, or generally grouses about RPers who simply have different tastes and haven't done anything wrong. To each their own, we're all just trying to have fun in our free time!

My Alts:

al-Faris - Heqet al-Faris, Twitter: @osirica1
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