Hello everyone,
I'm here to present to you Sekki.
She used to be very normal if not boring. She worked at accounting for a mildly successful company. Her job was simple and the only thing Sekki wanted was simple. The routine of the job was nice and cozy, just like her life style. Of course like every person she had her outburst, depressions, falling in love and so on. She even changed city once, but nothing very out of the ordinary. Being special was a lot of work and she didn't see the point of it in her case.
But with the whole bee thing, she did had to change and she did, kind of. Her personality did not really change, she didn't wanted to be the center of attention, some other bees were doing a much better job at getting the attention then her anyway.
She entered the Illuminaty, no big deal, the other factions didn't do much fuss over her. It was nice there, so she stayed, she obeyed, did the missions, killed. And that's where it got to her. The killing and the blood, all the blood, all the time. It was a real stress relief, it was nice and warm and sometime they begged her, sometimes they were fierce. She didn'tkill everything and everyone of course, that would have been stupid. She knew she had to be smart about her new hobby. So she tried to be, she had to be. And since there were creatures, it's not like anybody was going to complain.

(i hope it was good, sorry if it wasn't...)