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Apian Aegina: External Involvement

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(Note: This post itself will be entirely out of character and engaged with as such. Later posts in this thread are expected to include transcripts or summaries of scenes that play out, and so likely won't be.)

Apian Aegina is an open, freeform plot, intended to focus primarily on the Orochi Group. The events so far:
In response to the public breakdown of the Buzzing caused by the appearance of Dark Agartha, a small team in the Orochi Group are reopening 'Project V', a previously-abandoned network of research and development projects that received no company support. With Orochi lacking a cohesive plan for how to deal with both the potentially coming and actually-here breakdown of the Gaian ecosystem, the hope is that Project V will prove a viable approach.

...At least, that was the hope for most of its members. Manticore's representative, aware that Manticore's side of the project was especially difficult, was unwilling until Vali's representative passed on a name. That name became Manticore's original proposal: to hire someone better suited for the project ahead, largely so as to not waste the assets Manticore already had. And even if Project V were to fold once again, they still had a promising new engineer.

That name was Ash Clerisy. Initially unaware of Project V, only that there's projects Manticore want her to eventually be working on, Ash joined them due to a total dissatisfaction with her previous employer, the Illuminati. It's a choice she makes with a heavy heart--knowing that Orochi have hurt a lot of people--but Manticore, at least, are one of the branches with the least blood on their hands. Ironic, given they're (among other things) weapons manufacturers.

After a brief trial period, Ash's new boss passed on the details of Project V to her, under its full name: Project Vespucci. Given a Christmas break to mull it over, Ash must determine, by January, how to prove Manticore's aspect of it viable or not.

In January, she did: by proposing field experiments into anima leaps, and then eventually on Agartha portals, they could learn the Gaian teleportation process and incorporate it into their own tech. This would require being exposed to potential trespassers, but was deemed an acceptable risk.

Based on currently available information to interested parties in-character, the following leads are still open to be investigated or acted on. If you're interested in having your character pursue any of these, or have your own idea on what you could do, let me know either by Enjin mail, or in Twitter DMs at @AClerisy.

  • It's known that Ash was headhunted for her role, but not why, by who, or even exactly what that role is. Answering some of these questions may shed some light on Orochi plans, either by following a paper trail, or Ash's actual trail to determine any supervisors or managers. Ash is an especially paranoid person, and the Orochi Group as a whole are no slouches on security, but somebody skilled at snooping or greasing the right wheels might be able to get some information...
  • Until recently, when dissatisfaction started creeping into her communications, Ash was (very publicly) known as a steadfast and resolute member of the Illuminati, and at times one of their loudest defenders. That level of allegiance doesn't just disappear; something had to have happened, either caused or exploited by Orochi. Naturally, agents within or investigating the Illuminati or Orochi would be best-suited for figuring this out from their own perspectives, but somebody external to either would still be quite capable of picking this one apart and finding what happened. (UPDATE: Shiba Aka has been pursuing this, gaining a shape of what Ash is doing. Part of his findings can be found here.)
  • Within Orochi, whispers of Project V, officially known as Project Vespucci, are starting up again. Small whispers, barely discernible, but across all branches; it seems like that title is appearing all over the place, but never in a way that's intended to hit open ears. It's going to be hard to pick through even for Orochi employees, but maybe following one of those threads back to its core, or seeking out its original appearances years ago, would shed some light on what's being planned.
  • Field experiments have begun on anima wells, and Agartha portals. While Orochi are being cautious, knowing they're exposed to outside forces in doing this, Manticore's side of Project V can't progress without peeking outside of their shell. Tracking suspicious parties in Orochi gear could lead to discovering what they're doing, but in this case, blind luck could perform just as well.
  • Orochi employees, previously confirmed dead, are rejoining Orochi's ranks. Apparently none the worse for wear, these verifiably-deceased agents are right back to work, almost like they never left... there's only a scant few at this point, but being that they are all field agents, they could easily be visible.

This list will be updated as the plot continues, with new points being added as they're found out. When hooks are resolved, I'll be posting about their findings and crossing them off of the list.

This plot is open to be approached however people want to approach it, within reason; it's adaptive and befitting of many different styles, although chances are you won't be able to solve every single problem with the same toolset.

That said, there are two things that I want to warn about:

  1. This is not black-and-white. Project V isn't something that's spoken of only by people who cackle in castles during storms, although it isn't 'Orochi is doing good and you're wrong for fighting them' either. Orochi are working on a project with high, albeit not entirely benevolent, intentions, and that means you're not building up to fighting some big evil god.
  2. On a related note, just because the plot's designed to work for any approaches, doesn't mean that all of those approaches are positive. An act won't be heroic just because you'd prefer if it was.

With all that said, I hope people are interested in getting involved, however they might want to!
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Shiba Aka, seeking to answer questions for the Dragon, consults with Sandrijn DeJaegher of the Illuminati--and one of Ash's previous bosses. Comparing notes doesn't bring any conclusive answers, but at the very least confirms one thing: it's extremely unlikely that she's faking her betrayal.

Spoiler: Puzzling Pieces TogetherShow
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