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Your character's surprising character traits?

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After some deliberation, I figured a change of approach to the writing prompts was in order. Something a little easier to dip into, less demanding. So, combining it with some fun OOC questions asked around Twitter for TMITuesday, I thought it'd work better to instead ask an open question about our characters, that doesn't require writing a full scene or being in-character. Just an answer to a question you might not have considered!

I'm still not sure what day I'll be doing these or if I'll be doing these weekly again, but it seemed right to ask this on TMITuesday. So, to start with:

Has your character (or characters) developed a character trait that you never expected?

Personally, I find that my characters can sometimes get away from what I first envision them as, which can be really fun and interesting. So I want to know: has this happened to others? Was it something big, or something small? How much does it come up?

For me, there's a lot about Ash that strikes me one day and I go 'that sounds right, gonna fit this in'. But there was one thing that wasn't even that, she just started doing it one day: incorporating song lyrics into everyday conversation. I believe it started when she quoted Hamilton as part of an effort to calm and cheer up her partner, but I don't know; all I know is at some point, I realized she'd been doing it for a while and I decided to embrace it.

It actually made sense for her as a character, as she's always kept music very close to her heart, and her partner being a musician means she's probably embraced that further since they've been together. But also, it's honestly just a lot of fun to cram pop music lyrics into whatever she's saying, be it incidentally or trying to lay out a really long road to a really dumb reference to a 90s one-hit wonder.
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Our characters are not us and as such they will always take directions that you don't expect. I wrote Aka as a samurai warrior that, even if he is mundane, would not fall back from fight against apparently indominable odds. That's still him in the core, but all his duels with Bees ending up, quite logically, with him losing and people started to see him more like a porcelain princess to save - that quite literally arrived in the Link adventure - rather than someone you would fight along.

Granted he does usually try to avoid conflict and bloodsheds but that even turned out to another degree recently with him teaching acting rather than weapon skills to another character. I find that amusing, going from warrior to actor :)
Posted Nov 18, 18