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RP needs in MMO?

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If you want to RP in MMO, what kind of support it has to have?

I know it is lost dream to many, because of ... reasons, but I like theories and dreams, so here I go:
I think we need:
1. alts and their support -
- shared bank because if I should compete with players, who play only 1 character, I have to divide my time between alts and get still rewards - it also means if there is too much of grind, or my progress is gated too much, I will not be able to enjoey the game.
- shared meta data sort of - like achievements, but only those, which I couldn't get with my 1 way focused character - like if I decide my character adores sea monsters, he will not be able to have that achievement of killing them and it will make him weaker, or it will make me to do it anyway and ruin the fun for me.
- shared cosmetics, or possibility to give it to an alt (more important in multiple races MMOs or very random drops)

2. detailed world
- a lot of MMOs does make that mistake and I still didn't understand why - why no MMO is simply detailed, why it always has to be big, full of enemies and bland empty otherwise

3. variability of quests
- a lot of MMOs tend to have 1 type of quests in the end - killing enemies (and it is suppose to be epic). But what if I want to be a burgler or a charismatic person? Also I think variability never hurts in any RPG game
- also if quests are chained too much, you are forced to play quests you wouldn't want with your character, but you have to in order to progress, so I wish quests would be bundled according to - what kind of person would want to do them.
- also achievements general - account wide, but more detailed (like what kind of person you are), character centered.

4. variability of different zone focus
- I saw this in many MMOs, the higher level of zones, the less variability of what that zone is about - in the end it was always only about facing some tough enemy, so those zones were not fun to play anymore, so I always tend to stay in starting zones, because there was more of variability of quests, more fun like quests.

5. removal of leves.
- this is a big problem of MMOs and it does restrict the way how you want to play. So in the end RP is almost removed, because you cannot get to your desired zone and rp there, so rp is only in starting zones and that will become repetitive.
- I wish they would use system of dangerous mobs for combat in certain valleys and such, but around towns and roads to have it safe and with quests, which can be then accomplished in different ways (if you don't fear all the time about danger)

6. cool NPCs and the possibility to be like them
- players tend to copy the world in their RP, so they will want all those characters have - like old skin, big belly and so on.

7. repeteable quests just for RP with a must to have rewards - proper outfit and achievement title, also alternative xps

8. still to have the world around - if there is any RP focused game, it tends to be extreme, avoiding anything else, so I wish it would be connected to needs of all other kind of players, only with RP needs in mind.

I gues such MMO will never exist or it will be somehow spoiled, so I wouldn't be able to enjoy it anyway :(
Posted Aug 1, 18 · OP · Last edited Aug 1, 18
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and also I forgot about factions and requisities - like something you would be able to bring with you - like a picnic
Factions are quite often in MMO, but very bland and not really spicy, just a reason for grind of reputation and not for more detailed, deeper world. and a reason for different gameplay, different goals.
Posted Aug 1, 18 · OP · Last edited Aug 1, 18