Who we are:
Nine Swords is a cabal based on principles of teamwork, community and order. We are an international cabal with members spanning the globe.

What we do:
The focus of Nine Swords is to be involved in as much as possible. We want there to be something for everyone. All of our members will be encouraged whether they choose to become engaged in one category or be a jack of all trades. We have a place for everyone that wants to have fun and that will be respectful of other members. People who apply to join us that have a genuine love and respect for SWL are likely to find themselves quickly at home.

Roleplaying is just one part of what our members get involved in. So if you enjoy Roleplaying as well as lots of other ingame elements - we could be a good fit for you.

Nine Swords is looking for individuals who want to have fun with others, who will be active contributors to the cabal and who will help build Nine Swords into the best cabal it can be.

How to apply:
For more information on what Nine Swords stands for and what our objectives are, please see our Mission Statement and Directives.

We will be unyielding in our goal to recruit the most valiant of souls. Do you have what it takes to stand with us?
If you think you do and you are interested in becoming a member of Nine Swords, please submit an application to join us on our website: www.nine-swords.com

If you have additional questions, please contact us via our website or in game.

Faction: All
Timezone: EU/US/AU
Leadership team: 9S Roster

.. and for all Bees
If you are already in a cabal, but would be interested in collaborating with us for our newsletter, or large scale community events (such as Cabal Pride), please get in touch with Katelin directly.