Today's stream was hosted by Spynosaurus, Andy and Tilty.

You can re-watch the stream on Twitch and I highly recommend doing that.

They opened up the stream with a run of the Orochi Tower release.

  • They are doing a giveaway of a spider pet
  • There are no plans to do 5 people scenarios
  • Main Story missions will not be repeatable in the old regions for now
  • They are in Tokyo and the new upcoming region

  • Updates and Patches were mostly bug fixes

Orochi Tower
  • Conclusion on the Tokyo Story
  • Some changes compared to TSW but they don't want to spoil it
  • Basic idea is to ascend the Orochi Tower and learning a lot about Orochi
  • Something about AEGIS can be found on one floor
  • The story missions are ordered by the layout in the tower, you will do one company floors after the other
  • After the first play through you can select which company floors to visit and only do those floors
  • The floors have very similar layouts but very different gameplay (they showed some off)
  • Eventually you will reach the penthouse where the final takes place
  • A lot cool boss fights
  • If you finish the story, you will get an ultimate ability (same for everyone, GToE)
  • There will be more ultimate abilities coming in later patches
  • You will be able to customize the wings that are shown when you cast the ability
  • you get one skin based on the choices in the story mission, but can buy the others for aurum
  • More wings will come later as well
  • There will be an emote to unfold the wings without using the ability

New Lair
  • The Tokyo Lair will be opening too
  • It is endgame Content
  • Some statues can sometimes trigger and become alive to kill you
  • All new monsters are part of Japanese lore
  • 3 new lair bosses (they have shown one) + a guardian / regional summon
  • A new megaboss in Agatha will be available too
  • Wrist signets have not been available until now, but will be now in Tokyo
  • They will modify the ultimate abilities
  • The Tokyo Lair should be about on the same difficulty as the other lairs
  • They are meant to be done as group of 5 but can be done as 10

Balance changes
  • AoEs were weaker than single target abilities and now they (and especially the passives) will be better
  • Will be covered in notes more in detail

New Cache
  • Spider pet (Black widow)
  • New outfit Aranea's Reculse
  • A sider motor cycle
  • No new weapons
  • When it comes out, the cyberpunk cache will be phases out

Halloween Event
  • Will be patches in the week of the 18th
  • The Meowling has been changed
  • New rewards and antagonist
  • They will talk more about it next week

Later Patches
  • The agent system is worked in and will be talked about after Halloween
  • Next chapter is worked on
  • New and old NPS will make an appearance
  • Eventually they will be able to progress the story
  • They have done some recording sessions with an actors

PS: I'm having a fever at the time of writing, I apologize for errors, missed parts and less organization.