Todays stream was hosted by Spynosaurus, Andy and Gavin.

You can re-watch the stream on Twitch and I highly recommend doing that. It was a lot of fun, something not well captured in a wall of text.

With a lot of the balance talk, I did not include the numbers because they are all still WIP and will probably change anyways.

  • System and Item designer / engineer
  • Lately he has been doing a lot work on the Kaidan Dock Containers
  • He worked on weapons specialties (his most fun stuff he did in SWL)
  • Specialties he was working on (not him alone): Chaos, Blood Magic, Elemental, Shotgun
  • Monster abilities are his specialties
  • 9 out of the 10 new gadgets have been worked on by him
  • Worked on the NYR too, supporting
  • Describes himself as Powergamer / nerd
  • Plays a lot board games & PC games (Andy thinks he is great at Overwatch)
  • His favorite monster in SWL are the shade stalkers

This Week's patch
  • Tokyo beyond the wall just launched on Wednesday
  • Some Mission items were not working and had to be disabled. They are back now
  • Bankheist is still disabled due to bugs and won't be back before next week probably
  • Mission item inventory is live
  • An issue with the inventory counter should be fixed too
  • Vanity Transfer System is live as well (Cosmetics from TSW can be transferred ONCE from TSW. No time limit) Details
  • Tilty posted a small update
  • Shipping containers are well received

Docks / Containers in Tokyo
  • Story: there is a contaminated ship and the infestation is crawling out
  • There are new monsters and so on
  • The interesting new (to Beyond the Wall) mechanic are the shipping Containers
  • The containers have Numbers and the Letters (A,B,C) on the relate to the keys that drop from Tokyo side missions (what is a side mission was subject to discussion, they are not 100% sure)
  • A is the most rarest, C the most common, rarer bosses are harder but give better loot
  • Opening the container spawns a boss
  • There are always Anima shards in there, distillates
  • Other rewards are clothing or gadgets
  • The persons that used the key gets the loot, even in a group
  • The Gadgets are all based on myths, things Orochi has been collecting from around the world (Mesopotamian, Roman, Mayan, Norse, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Spanish and Native American. One Gadget each.)
  • The effects and powers are based on the culture / theme of the gadgets
  • They were not happy with how little they had to reward players to reward them for playing Tokyo
  • Power level of the bosses is about the same as the other bosses in Tokyo

Next (Content) Patch
  • Tokyo Lair is coming along quite well
  • The tower will be coming Probably in the first part of October
  • There will be a new floor most likely, no details though
  • They might sneak something in that is not on the Roadmap yet

Game mechanics & Balance changes
  • They are working on AR-Grenades and AoEs in general
  • AoEs will get the DMG penalties for being an AoE removed, but there will be changes, it still is very much WIP
  • The penalties have been applied inconsistently, for example Hammer barely had them, while Elementalism and Balde had a lot of it.
  • The AoE buff will effect Elemental & Blade quite heavily as well
  • Shotgun changed a lot during the development, from a very tanky to a more hybrid weapon
  • Armor piercing shot was meant to be useful in groups
  • Acquiring friendly targets is going to be iterated on but they don't have details
  • Healing Player / NPCs outside the group is much discussed but they don't have a solution yet.
  • The cursor jumping back to the center of the screen MIGHT be changes so that you can set a toggle so it stays where it was last times
  • Boss HP in dungeons will probably come down a bit in the E2-E6, making it a bit smoother
  • The goal was to have all dungeons to be about the same difficulty, they want feedback on encounters that are standing out as being too difficult (compared to the others), balance is an ongoing thing
  • Spirit blade will be changed to scale based on the damage the ability used (more on power abilities, les and basics )
  • Some passives will get buffed to, Sweeping slice will be triggering on 2+ instead of 3+ hit enemies, Masterpiece will provide a percent based dmg increase to spirit blade, Deluge will trigger on ever other hit, not ever 6th.
  • Weapon agnostic signets are going to be improved

I listened to this one twice but still feel like I have missed something. Let me know if you remember anything important.

Edit: Fixed a few minor things, thanks to Aerinx from Discord for pointing them out!