The stream today was hosted by the holy trinity of Synosaurus, Andy and Tilty once more.

You can re-watch the stream on Twitch

  • Last patch had the NY raid and Lair bosses
  • They know it had a few issues, but most should be solved
  • They thank everyone for the feedback and bug reports
  • More community stuff was shown off and they stressed how much they enjoy seeing these things

2nd Vanity transfer
  • Next week the second wave of Vanity transfer will start
  • Anyone who had a TSW account and copied it over to SWL, is will get that transfer
  • The Transfer is Cosmetics only, no weapons, character slots ect.
  • There will be no time limit for the transfer but it can only happen once
  • Should launch together with Beyond the wall

Tokyo Beyond the wall
  • Release will be next Week, not set on a day yet
  • Even for old plyers some things will have changed
  • They showed off the new areas watch the stream for details, it's much better visually
  • Like in TSW, the containers in the docks can be unlocked with keys and spawn monsters
  • Not as many keys before. 3 keys now. A, B & C and the open crates in that section
  • Drops will have brand new gadgets, item XP distillates and anima shards (saw them loot 12k shards)
  • The gadgets also come with new visual effects.
  • One of Kurt's missions will be in here as well.
  • The AEGIS heavy missions have changed a lot
  • Hints about what is going on with AEGIS can be found in this patch, but more of the story will be in the final part
  • It is story related now, with little gameplay but it is not a progressions system
  • There will be a new mission item inventory. Items there don't count towards your inventory
  • New quest items go there immediately, old ones you can move manually

Coming after
  • PvP Outfits, Deck outfits and other outfits from TSW that are still missing will came back eventually
  • Last part of Tokyo will be come rather shortly too
  • They will talk about details it soon too
  • Wrist signets are coming soon
  • The Tokyo Lair will be coming too and they showed and bit of the temple area off
  • It will not be overly filthy
  • Once Tokyo has been finished, the other systems will come online. Dark Agartha and The Agent systems
  • They will talk about details when the time comes. It will be both story and endgame content
  • The plan is to keep doing that, doing both story and endgame content
  • They have long term plans to improve the cabal management but nothing planed short term
  • They are looking into options to make scenarios viable without DPS gear. Work is in progress, they will talk about it another time
  • Surgeon & Barber are not scheduled with an ETA yes, but will come eventually
  • They soon will show off things abut the Halloween events

Like always, let me know if I missed something. Or understood something wrong, looking at you, Andy :p