The main topic of todays stream was the upcoming Steam release of SWL and it was hosted by Andy, Spynosaurus and Scott, the Executive producer of SWL.

As always, you can re-watch the stream on Twitch and I highly recommend that if you have the time.

  • They first talked about the steam launch
  • Later went through the contests and showed community creations
  • Audio contests and images are not really well to cover here, so I skipped that

Recap of the last week
  • Launch of 2.0.3
  • Quality of life
  • Challenge reset time 3 hours earlier, 3 AM EDT / 7 AM GMT now
  • Infernal caches replaced Argatha caches
  • The caches will rotate every 5-6 weeks
  • They apologized for missing that in the initial patch notes

General / Misc
  • They increased CS staff by about 50% but they are still very busy
  • 64 bit client is still in the works and will be on both platforms
  • It will solve a few but not all crashes
  • They are working on crashes, but it will take a while

  • Beta player bonus is still worked on
  • Funcom points to Aurum conversion is still worked on
  • Come to discord They invite everyone to join them there
  • The Kiss of the Reverent ARG can be played today the last day and it is the last day you can get a key
  • Tomorrow all key rewards will be resend, just in case you missed the mail or did not get it, if you already claimed the key, ignore the mail
  • Reverent procs can trigger boss abilities, that will be fixed

Steam: Items
  • 2 DLC packs will launch on steam: Supernatural Pack & Operative pack
  • Supernatural Pack: Unique Outfit & Sprint (Steam Exclusive)
  • Refurbished Ornithopter (see pic, the wings)
  • A steam SWl hoodie will be exclusive to steam as well
  • Phoenix regiment (not shown) will be the outfit in Supernatural. Red & white color scheme (see Moon raven grab pic)
  • There never will be exclusive missions or gameplay things on steam
  • They do not have plans to make more Exclusive items at the moment
  • Items for legacy TSW players: Moon Raven garb (see below)& 3rd age Ornithopter (golden version of the refurbuished)
  • Grand Masters, Owners of: TSW Massive, Ultimate or comlete Eddition, Fall of Tokyo Bundle and accounts with all TSW issues
  • Keys have to be on the account and the TSW account linked to your SWL account before 31th 11 AM EDT
  • You don't have to play on steam to get it or have a steam account
  • They will be in delivered items some time after the steam launch

Steam: Launch
  • Launch will be on Monday 31st. Servers will come down at 11 AM EDT / 15:00 GMT
  • It will be a 4 hour downtime
  • After installing on steam, you will see the launcher on click on play you will be logged in with your steam account
  • If you want to switch to steam, re-download everything to be safe.
  • Patching will not be on steam, after initial download you will patch through launcher
  • Everyone, steam or no steam are playing on the same servers
  • If you play on steam, you have to use steam wallet for payments
  • All steam wallet payment methods are available
  • There will be no region lock, you can play it on steam in every region where steam is allowed (if steam in general works in your area, SWL does)
  • All payments will happen through the steam overlay
  • It still is the same client, addons will still work

Steam: Accounts
  • New Players: If you have never played SWl, just install the game log in, and you are go! no account creation, steam does that for you.
  • SWL player without steam: If you have an account that never was linked to steam, you will have to link your SWl account in the account page (available on Monday, you need to log into your steam through a link). You can not revert that. Once a steam account, you can not go back.
  • TSW steam player who already played SWL: If you bought TSW on steam but then played SWL without steam. You can just log in on steam into your SWl account. If you want to separate your account from steam, you can do that in the account page on Monday too. Again, one time process that is not revertible.
  • TSW Steam players who did NOT play SWL: If you played TSW on steam but never played SWl, it already is steam linked and you can start playing. You still have to go through the legacy transfer if you want to have the old items.

  • They would like to let us play on both clients interchangeable but there are technical issues that make it impossible.
  • There is no time limit for converting the account but at some time in the future they might remove the ability to convert. But it will with an announcement far ahead of time.
  • 1 SWL account can be linked with 1 steam account only and vice versa.
  • Some people (300 or so) have multiple SWL accounts linked to one steam account, they will have all accounts converted to non steam so they can choose what account to link with steam.
  • Patron status carries over if you convert your account but the auto renew will stop. The next subscription will have to be through the steam wallet.
  • Steam accounts should never need to login to the Funcom account page, but just in case they will have a login with steam option.
  • If you have more questions there is a steam Q&A channel on discord.
  • Check the FAQ for more details:

Steam: Benefits
They were asked what the benefits of having the game on steam are and this were their answers
  • All games in one place
  • Friend-list
  • Downloading
  • Exposure
  • Steam wallet

Whispering tide
  • Whispering tide will start Aug 1st
  • Will last about 2 weeks
  • Is different form TSW
  • A lot murdering Flappy again though
  • Daily missions and login rewards similar to the launch event
  • If you are not high level, you still will be able to participate, there will be an equal footing buff
  • As soon as you get a char to Argatha, they can join in
  • There will be a more detailed writeup