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In-Game Chat Channels & Login Scripts

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How to Join a Chat Channel:

You can join chat channels in SWL by typing /chat join channelname

After you have joined a chat channel, you can open a new tab for it in your chat screen by pressing the + in the top-right corner of your chat box, then select the chat channel from the list that comes up.

You can have multiple chat channels appear in the same tab. To do this, right-click on the chat tab you'd like to add to, then select 'Subscribe Channels', and click the chat channel you wish to appear in that tab.

You can also switch between which channels you'd like to talk to (if you have more than one channel on one tab), by right-clicking and selecting 'Talk To' and then the chat channel you wish to talk to.

The SWLRP Channel:

The SWLRP chat channel will be present at launch, and called (you guessed it) SWLRP. It is an OOC channel: all out-of-character chatter, whether it's about SWL or not. You can use this channel to communicate and talk to other roleplayers, ask where people are, arrange meetups, etc.

You can join this channel by typing /chat join SWLRP

Other Helpful Channels:

You might also consider joining these channels as well:

Sanctuary - An OOC, newbie-friendly chat great for all topics.

Noobmares - Help and groups for relaxed, friendly, and new-to-nightmares players. They also have a forum and a Discord chat.

Event - Only active during special events (like Halloween, Anniversary, etc.). Great for coordinating and getting information.
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Automatically Log into Your Chat Channels

You can create scripts that will run every time you log into SWL, which will join you to your favorite chat channels. Here's how.

1) Open a new text file on your computer. Use Notepad, not MS Word or similar.

2) Type the following text into the new file:

delay 5000
/chat join SWLRP
/chat join Sanctuary
/chat join Noobmares

(And, of course, add or remove any additional chat channels you'd like to have or not have.)

3) Save the file as auto_login.txt

4) Change the filename to auto_login (with no '.txt' at the end)

Note: If you don't see the .txt extension, you'll need to change a setting on your computer. The instructions below are for Windows 7:

a. Click on the Start button.
b. Open the Control Panel.
c. Open 'Folder Options'
d. Click the 'View' tab.
e. Uncheck the box for 'Hide Extension for Known File Types'
f. Click 'OK'

You will now see the .txt file extension on the auto_login.txt file. To rename it, right-click the file, select 'Rename', and delete the '.txt'.

5) Move the file to your Secret World directory. By default, this is located at:

C:\Program Files\Funcom\Secret World Legends

If there is not already a 'Scripts' folder, create one and place the auto_login file inside the scripts directory.

6) Do the same thing, but name the file auto_teleport instead of auto_login. Move this second file to the Scripts directory as well.

You will now be automatically logged into your chat channels any time you log in to SWL (or get disconnected and reconnect, etc.)

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.... Or Not Quite Automatically

If you don't want to log into all your chat channels automatically all the time, you can join them manually instead.

Follow all the steps in the previous post about creating a login file, but only create the first one (auto_login). After you move it into the scripts folder, rename it to something else. (I use channels).

Once you start TSW, you can then type /channels in the chat window. It will activate the script, and join all the chat channels.

Note, however, that if you forget to type the command, you will not join the chat channels. Additionally, if you are disconnected from the server, you will have to re-type the command to re-join the channels (which, trust me, you will often forget to do).
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Other Useful Chat Commands

Using the chat in SWL is, in my opinion, a bit more awkward than it was in TSW Classic due to the need to Alt Mode and then click tabs and type. However, here's some shortcuts you can use from any chat/channel tab to talk to any other chat tab / channel:

If you're running around in reticule mode, just stop running and hit 'Enter'. This will swap you to be able to type in your chat window. Hit 'Enter' again to send the message.

To talk to.....

  • Group: Type /group <your message>

  • Say: Type /say <your message>

  • General: Type /general <your message>

  • Any custom chat channel: Type /#channel <your message> (for example, /#SWLRP <your message> or /#sanctuary <your message> )

  • Quick-reply to a tell: While in reticule mode, type r (just 'r'). It will hot-swap you to your chat window and automatically start a reply to the last person who sent you a tell.
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Characters: Sandrijn DeJaegher
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