We had some pretty big in-game developments sneak up on us in the month-plus immediately following the last blog post! So I think a brief overview of that is in order, including what it means for RP!

Dark Agartha is content not quite like any other in the game. A time-limited, exclusively solo gameplay experience, Dark Agartha faces you with five procedurally-generated bosses; and with no teammates at your side, it's entirely on you to figure out how to overcome it. All runs cost either a rare item or 15 AP and 7 SP, so it can be expensive, and the gameplay isn't for everyone (personally, I love it), but I'd recommend giving it a run just to see if you do, and to take in a really nice-looking map.

Dark Agartha is explicitly a vision of a potential future, and one of the only times we've seen that Agartha is capable of linking through time that wasn't just gameplay concessions. That, and it being solo, means that we can't really directly RP in the space, but it brings a lot of interesting concepts. What the game's 'bad end' looks like, hints of how exactly Agartha and the Gatekeeper function, a show of what the Dreamers are truly capable of, it's all a fascinating toolset to bring into RP and into future stories. Plus, Dark Agartha was the capstone of a story that first started unfolding in the Agent Network, showing just another avenue to look into for future story hints.

On a lighter note, the winter event Krampusnacht is back! This time packing bosses that require problem-solving to even summon, and an interlinked investigation mission about the Phoenicians, the new gameplay and avenues for rewards (don't miss those free blue signets) more than makes up for a lack of new cosmetics. The old cosmetics are back, though, so if you want the Wassailer set, a mountie outfit, or an Orochi-branded woolen sweater it's there for the taking.

But we have a few events coming up, too! This time I want to give a brief mention to some regular RP events, as well as upcoming one-offs: LORE is a monthly trivia night focused on SWL lore, held by Knightsbridge Consulting; this month it's on the 29th at 7 GMT, and is focused on winter event lore, with plenty of prizes. Additionally, the World Battle Federation holds an arena event every month filled with colorful characters (played by colorful characters, we've got a bit of RP-inception going on), and is open to sign-ups for both PvP and purely emote fights. Let them know on Twitter if you want to take part, or just turn up to watch and join in the ending free-for-all.

In terms of one-off events, on January 26th we have Mayahuel & Mihai's Winter Wedding! Dress up for the occasion and join the couple in the Carpathian Fangs at 8PM GMT for the wedding ceremony, followed by a formal reception in Agartha. All guests are welcome! Check out the event on the calendar (which I unfortunately can't link to), or contact @MayahuelB on Twitter for any questions.

Finally, while I hate promoting my own work at the same time as others, I do want to mention my own fledgeling plot that's going to start hitting publicly-visible stages early in the new year. Apian Aegina is a long-term, open plot focused on a mysterious cross-branch Orochi Group project--one apparently valuable enough to risk poaching Illuminati talent. The plot will develop more and become more public starting in January, but if you're interested in being involved, feel free to check out both the single-author thread, and the external involvement thread, or just contact me either by Enjin, Discord, or Twitter.

Later this month, Secret World Legends gets new content! The new Occult Defense Scenario is an endless wave defense, set in Stonehenge. Using the dynamic difficulty scaling introduced for the recently returning faction missions, and introducing some more complicated enemies to handle than the Seek and Preserve scenario, it aims to test as much of your mettle as you've got.

But that might not be what interests RPers about this new content, because also making their appearance is a new, NPC secret society: The Druids of Avalon. We'll learn more about them when the update hits and from their lore pickups, but judging by all the people who play Orochi and Phoenician characters, I think we'll be getting a few people picking up this baton and running with it. There might come time to introduce a Druids tag for the forums, if people want it.

But we also have some events to look forward to, especially as Halloween approaches! First of all, in keeping with the news of the Druids, Big-Timber is running another Pagan Picnic this Sunday. Just as with last time, it's a picnic with a focus on nature and spiritualism; this time it's in Ealdwic, allowing for a lot more people to make it. If you have any more questions, please let Big-Timber know through Twitter.

And straying just a little from RP, but not too far, the Saints and Sinners Creative Competition is running all October, with the theme of 'Broken Stories'! Previously entirely an art contest, it's been expanded to cover all forms of creativity; writing, screenshots (as long as there's been editing involved), music, poetry. Even stick figures are apparently permitted, which is good news for me! Anything at all, as long as it's creative and adheres to the theme, is an acceptable entry. I've been told that the prizes include a legendary launch shirt, as well as some other prizes still being put together. Unfortunately, Asmod, who runs this contest, has been busy of late and hasn't been able to put all the visuals together for the contest yet, but if you have any other questions, contact them on Twitter.

Well the Anniversary event and the Megaversary community celebrations are coming to a close, and I hope everybody had a lot of fun celebrating and killing golems! It's been a great time, but as things return to normal and we aren't all whisking ourselves off to boss fights every hour, we've got a few new community RP events and projects to look forward to!

Project Freelancer is a new initiative by Knightsbridge Consulting, to open up the cabal's stories and community to characters and players from outside the group! Whether you're unable to committ to being in a cabal, new or independent and curious about getting involved, or just interested in some crossover RP, this is an opportunity to get involved with the group in a way beyond simply socially. For more information, see the post on Knightsbridge's forums.

On top of resuming her Curatorum lecture sessions on a more ad-hoc basis, Cordite is also starting up Infernus Delenda Est, a freeform RP campaign. The Council of Venice is mobilizing against an infernal invasion of Tunisia--an offensive in which society and freelance aid alike is welcome. The campaign will be focused on in-game field camp ambience and operations, and is specifically planned to be timezone independent. More information will be coming soon, but if you're already interested and/or have further questions, contact Cordite on her Twitter.

But for those of us who want something a little calmer and simpler to get involved with, we've got a one-off social event coming. Big-Timber's Pagan Picnic is exactly what it sounds like: a picnic, with discussions on subjects like nature spirits and the living earth. I'll be creating the event on the calendar very soon, but the picnic is currently scheduled for 7PM GMT on July 29th, in-game in the Shadowy Forest. Being it's in a field zone, the event will be small by nature (I didn't intend that pun, but I'll own it), but that doesn't make it any less friendly to people interested in taking part! If you have any questions, please contact Big-Timber on his Twitter.

Hi, everyone!

Cleretic posted Jul 6, 18

So as you've heard (and if you haven't, go look at the other blog post!), I'm joining the SWLRP team as a moderator. I've loved the community ever since joining it back in 2012, and I'm very happy to step up to nurture it as best I can.

Many of you probably know me from the character I'm most known for playing, Ash Clerisy. I hope people generally have positive views of me from that, but I know Ash can be more than a bit of a prickly person. I'm not, though, and I hope to show people that the person behind her is rather a bit friendlier.

On top of standard moderation duties, though, that 'long conversation' Rovena alluded to included a lot of talk about what we can do to liven up SWLRP as a community, to really give everyone a central point to interact, write, and... well, RP! SWLRP has fallen a little quiet of late as a platform--through no fault of Rovena and Spellsmith--but I'll be putting forward a few little initiatives to help fix that.

1. Spotlighting fledgeling/upcoming plots!

In talking to Rovena about previous blog posts that spotlighted community-driven plots, I was told that a major criticism was that the plots being focused on were often already active and ongoing; plots that didn't necessarily need the extra attention, and that were so popular they could be hard to get into for newcomers. This is a very fair point, and one I've been on the receiving end of before--it can be unfortunate to learn about an event only after it's gotten so much momentum you feel you can't affect it.

But the spotlight is still a fantastic idea, and I'm aiming to listen to those criticisms in reviving it. I want to bring it back with a focus on what's coming, rather than what's already happening; plots that people in the community are setting into motion soon, or are only in their early stages.

So if you have anything in your cards, in any stages from 'just now getting rolling' down to 'scribbled sketches linked together with string on a corkboard', please let me know!

2. Writing prompts and other forum activities!

Obviously, the SWLRP forums have been a bit quiet, with activity happening on any number of other platforms that are more immediate or private. But that can all be very easy to only see in brief (or not at all), and there might be tremendous RPers and characters in the community that you'd love to get in touch with, that you just don't have opportunity to know much about or interact with, especially if you're active in off-peak hours (more on that later).

I want to bring a bit of that activity to the SWLRP forums. I'm still not sure exactly what this is going to look like in the long-term, but I do know that I'll be starting with writing prompts; allowing snippets of our characters to be seen in the open. I've found regular creative prompts like this can be fantastic for both the people participating and watching, and I'm very much looking forward to sparking these up.

3. Off-peak, easy to enter RP events!

We have A LOT of fantastic DJs and DJ shows keeping this community lively. But many of these are on at American prime times, and are also a type of event that doesn't necessarily cater to every kind of RPer or character; and for those people who can't participate in these shows, it can be an immense struggle to get involved in the community.

There have been RP events that were different, that focused on other things; characters' talents and expertise, players' knowledge, and a handful of disconnected events focused around actually playing the game. And I want to foster more of these, especially in hours that work for our non-American players (of which I am one, funnily enough!), and events that don't require any foreknowledge or setup. Something anybody can just walk right on into, and have a good time.

I hope to have SWLRP start and hold some of these events ourselves, but we can't do all of this alone. If you're keen to start an event like this, or perhaps even already do, we want to hear from you, so we can make these sorts of events more prevalent and commonplace.

Look for all of these in the coming weeks, as I first get my bearings everything else that becoming a moderator entails! In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns I'm always listening on Enjin, on Twitter as @AClerisy (keep in mind that's an IC Twitter, although I'll happily talk OOC issues), or over Discord as Cler@4286.

Change is coming ...

Rovena posted Jul 5, 18

Spellsmith is leaving SWLRP

As you might have read on Spellsmith's wall post a month ago she is leaving SWL and with it SWLRP.

I can not thank her enough for building this community more than a year ago and everything else she did for everyone roleplaying in SWL! The site, the discord, her work on the add-on, countless hours of defusing drama and so much more.

You can read her goodbye post on her wall. It tells you about how her transition out of her other projects will work and I hope you go there and thank her.

Rovena is taking over

While some say we founded SWLRP together, it was always Spellsmiths's baby, that I happened to help with raising. My own life is more than just a bit busy these days. This made it a tough decision for me. For about a month I thought about if we should close it all down or if I wanted to take it over.

I was leaning towards closing it down, because running this site (and especially keeping an eye on the busy discord) is quite a time sink and time is something I'm not really having much of anymore. Not to speak about the fact that the prime time is mostly when I sleep, so I'm always late to the drama. It just is too much for one person to handle, regardless of how much you love the project.

Sure, just keeping the site functional and the discord running would have been an option too. But that is not what I expect of a team behind a community site. There has to be timely moderation, someone has to monitor -all- content and ideally stay ahead of what is going on in the wider SWL community as a whole. When we launched the project, one of our goals was to have an active moderator team and in the last months, it already started to slack in that regards.

But with, *spoilers* more below, a new moderator on-board I (Rovena) decided to try to fill Spellsmith's big shoes and take over SWLRP. Ownership of the site & discord server have already been passed over to me and I always had access to the twitter account. The wiki will be moved to one of my servers in the next weeks and the domain we will take care of when renewal is due.

Spellsmith and I are quite good friends outside of SWL despite living on different continents and this will stay that way :) She agreed to help if I run into questions about her setups, so we should be all good in that regards.

New Moderator: Cleretic

Kinda in the last minute (wasn't actually, was a few days before the deadline but that does not sound as dramatic) Cleretic , who has been around in the SWL RP community since 2012, applied to join the Moderator team.

A long conversation later, I'm happy to announce her as a new Moderator of SWLRP. Please give her a warm welcome and feel free to contact her if you have any issues, questions, concerns or comments like you would with me.

Change to expect

So, what is changing, you ask?

First of all, I'm already making some changes to the website, mostly throwing out unused stuff and making it somewhat GDPR compliant. (Yes, now with me being the owner, it has to be.)

You might have already noticed the more prominent discord link (yes, I'll make it pretty and not a default thing in the next weeks) and the removal of group pay.

I want to thank everyone who spend their hard-earned money and helped to pay the enjin bills, it meant a lot to us and really helped with our motivation at times. But, sadly arrangements like that make my tax declaration a lot harder (Yes, I would have to pay tax for it now as owner ...) and added about a second to the load time of the site. So it had to go :(

Cleretic has her own plans for new projects while I will change a number more things but for bigger ones, there will be discussion threads before I implement them.

Thank you all for being part of this community and I'm looking forward to many more years with you all!


(And now seriously, go send Spell a thank you)

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